H&M sale

July 12, 2008

It’s time of sale in Milan! Some days ago I have bougth this cipria top, with lace and sticks, confortable and glamour at the same time, and tonight I will wear it for go out with friends!

Top: H&M



July 5, 2008

So Sorry for not to have written new post lately,
but I feel exactly like this……

Some time an hat help, especially a fabulous CHANEL like this !!!!

Report from the week-end

June 24, 2008

Vest: Bershka

Hairdressing: Special guest Francesco

this weekend has been much intense, passed with the friends and the family…..truly nothing other to wish, here some picture that I have take


The Breakfast in the garden of my parents house


with my sister Annalisa at the beach

Raffa with Lasagna&beer at the beach!

Relax (don’t do it)

June 19, 2008

I’m a little bit tired, I prepare the suitcases and after I go to relax, it will be a long week-end and much funny!

spotted blanket of wool: from my uncle Bianca inheritance

This is my kitchen.

June 19, 2008

Hi there, today I will show you my kitchen, it is small but receiving, there is a little table on which we can eat. All the furnitures are from Ikea, the tiles are yellow, perhaps I would have preferred them white……..but when I have bought the house the kitchen was already there, what I like more are washing machine and dish washer…..a real revolution!

The sky…

June 18, 2008

The sky is going better and better, maybe summer is finally coming?

Totally casual

June 18, 2008

A shot from sunday, me in a totally casual outfit……some time it is the best! P.S: sorry for the bathroom shot, but it is easier here!

T-shirt: H&M Basic

Jeans: Levi’s 571 slim fit

Saturday Evening!

June 15, 2008

And here the evening! with a beautiful group of friends we went to Bar Straff for the happy hour…

Here Francesco straight the pose!

Then we went to My Sushi at 7 floor of Rinascente

Where the sushi turns on the flowing tapes…..

you must only watch …..

…and to choose what you prefer!!!

…we have taken the coffee at the Rinascente Bar, where the sight is wonderful!!! after we have gone in disco…, but we were too much “drunk” in order to make photo!

Gucci Sunglasses

June 14, 2008

Here it is a shot of Gucci sunglasses Raffa bought last saturday, and here it is the way I start this week-end!

Sunglasses: Gucci

night-gown: Vintage (of my aunt Villa inheritance)

Today at work…

June 10, 2008

A fast relase of mine outfit at job today,…..I have been useful to do some shot with mine Nokia” at the toilet, some days at work are so borings…..as it can be seen from the photos!!!!

Cardigan: Promod

T-shirt: Zara

Today it has arrived a lot of office-stuff from Muji, I like a lot the packaging with the japanese written……here is the shot!